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To adjust the video feed screen size, click and drag the icon in the lower right hand corner of that window and stretch towards the right.
Under the _Attendee_ tab select _Make Attendance Private_. By selecting this option the attendees can only see the presenter and themselves.
You are allowed up to six (6) Presenters broadcasting video from their webcams - depending on your plan. However, please keep in mind that this is a "Broadband" feature and you will need to have a fast internet connection.
Once confirming the time and date of the event, it may be that the host of the event has not made the session available. Check back in about 5 minutes. Once the session is available, you will be able to login to the event. Otherwise, please contact the e...
You can try compressing the images of your slides with PowerPoint to reduce the file size: 1. Open the PowerPoint presentation file 2. Click _File - Save As_ 3. Click _Tools_ from the upper right hand corner of _Save As_ dialog box 4. Select _Compre...
Simply turn down the volume on your speakers, or you can adjust the Presenter's audio level by moving the slider to the left (to lower volume) or to the right (to increase volume). This will adjust the volume level for you only.
This generally happens because your screen resolution or screen size is larger than the presenter's and the presentation has to be "squished" in order to fit on the screen. There are a few different options available: * Best Option - Set your screen r...
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