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To access your My Webinar Hub settings, log in to your account and click on the Profile tab and then click on the My Webinar Hub button. 

My Webinar Hub Settings


Check mark Select your Privacy Settings - This setting controls whether or not your My Webinar Hub page is public or not. If your My Webinar Hub page is not set to Public then it will not be accessible to anyone, including you. Please note, if you wish scheduled meetings to be displayed on your My Webinar Hub you will need to make them public as well.


Check Mark Select a Theme - This setting allows you to change the look and feel of your My Webinar Hub page. There are currently seven(7) themes available to choose from.


Check Mark Add Your Website URL - Entering the URL of your website here will place a "Visit My Website" button on your My Webinar Hub page.


Check Mark Add your LinkedIn Profile - To add a LinkedIn profile widget to your My Webinar Hub, enter the public web address here. Please note that your LinkedIn profile will need to be public in order for this feature to work.

Facebook Fan Box

Check Mark Add a Facebook Fan Box Widget - If you have a Facebook Fan Box widget, you can add it to your Webinar Hub by following these simple steps.

  1. Click here to go to Facebook's widget page.
  2. Build your fan box widget following the instructions on Facebook's page
  3. Where it states "Choose where to add the widget:" select "Other"
  4. Simply copy and paste the script into the text box below.

Twitter Stream

Check Mark Add your Twitter Stream - You can add a Twitter stream to your My Webinar Hub page by entering the stream name here.

Personal Information

Check Mark Add some information about Yourself - Use this area of your My Webinar Hub page to enter some personal information about yourself. This is a good place to describe who you are and why you hold webinars. (Note: this field has a 2000 character limit.)


Check Mark Add your Interests - The Interests section of your My Webinar Hub allows you to share some of the things that interest you and can be used to inform people about the type of webinars you host. (Note: this fields has a 2000 character limit.)


Check Mark Add Keywords for your Public Page - The keywords section is used to list keywords in order to get your My Webinar Hub page ranked by search engines.

My Webinar Page

Webinar hub home

Your My Webinar Page will display your Presenter picture as well as the information you provided in the About and Interests section of the My Webinar Hub Settings page.


This section of your My Webinar Hub page will list any upcoming or past meetings that you have made public. The Meeting Title and Brief Description provided when you made the meeting public will be displayed here.


Register Join Buttons
People will have the opportunity to Register or Join your events right from you My Webinar Page. If you created a registration form they can register from this page. Once you start a meeting the Join button will be active and they will be able to join the meeting directly.


If you have enabled comments for a meeting, people will be able to leave comments for you thru their Facebook account. By default, these comments will only show up on your My Webinar Hub page, however, individuals will also have the option of posting the comment to your Facebook wall. If you edit the settings of a scheduled or past meeting and disable comments, any comments that have been made will no longer display on your My Webinar Hub page. Please note: You will need to moderate any comments posted to your Facebook wall by logging in to your Facebook account and using your Facebook options.

Share This

Share This Link

You can quickly and easily share your My Webinar Hub page by clicking on the Share This link located just above your scheduled meetings.

Clicking on this link will launch a popup window which provides links to a variety of different social and internet media options where you can publish and share your My Webinar Hub page.

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